12425. frans widerberg, rytter

We are currently accepting consignments for an extra auction on Monday 17 June. We are especially looking for graphic works by artists that our clients seek, but selected paintings, both older, modern and contemporary, are also accepted in this auction.

See list of artists in demand here

We also have great demand for graphic works by the following artists:

Pablo Picasso
Henri Matisse
Georges Braque
Henri de Tolouse-Lautrec
Fernand Legér
Karel Appel
Asger Jorn
Nikolai Astrup
Harald Sohlberg
Rolf Nesch
Kai Fjell
Gunnar S. Gundersen
Inger Sitter
Jakob Weidemann
Per Kleiva
John Savio
Kaare Espolin Johnson

Photo: Frans Widerberg, Equestrian (cropped)

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