Kleiva, Per


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Artist TitleSoldEstimateHammer price
Kleiva, Per American Butterflies 1971November 25 2020NOK 150,000NOK 165,000
Kleiva, Per American Butterflies 1971December 10 2020NOK 150,000NOK 155,000
Kleiva, Per American Butterflies 1971May 31 2018NOK 80,000–100,000NOK 150,000
Kleiva, Per I think that I shall never see, a Poem lovely as a TreeMay 28 2019NOK 150,000–200,000NOK 150,000
Kleiva, Per The unreal reality might in theory perhaps be just as real as the real reality 1965June 2 2022NOK 120,000–150,000NOK 150,000
Kleiva, Per American Butterflies 1971November 23 2017NOK 60,000–80,000NOK 130,000
Kleiva, Per Amerikanske sommarfuglar 1971November 19 2021NOK 60,000–80,000NOK 112,000
Kleiva, Per Du og eg, heilt stille 1983May 30 2016NOK 40,000–60,000NOK 78,000
Kleiva, Per EggetNovember 22 2023NOK 20,000–30,000NOK 42,000
Kleiva, Per The Egg 1968May 31 2018NOK 15,000–20,000NOK 36,000

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