Auction Monday December 12 2016 at 14:00
Munch, Edvard(1863-1944)
Self-Portrait with Beard

Lithograph printed in black on medium thin cream paper
Sheet: 498x663 mm Image: 425x612 mm

Woll 630.


From Edvard Munch's bequest to the Municipality of the City of Oslo. Prize in the Great Munch-lottery of 1983. Original declaration of transfer is available from The Munch Museum of 1984, stating that Ths. Fearnley, 1488 Hakadal, was the winner of this print at the lottery. Stamped on verso with three stamps, the one: "Fra Edvard Munchs testamentariske gave OSLO KOMMUNE" (From Edvard Munch's bequest to the Municipality of the City of Oslo), the second: "Det store Munch-lotteriet 1983" (The Great Munch-lottery of 1983) and the third: "Munch-Museet Bo nr 432-15 Sch nr ..." (The Munch-Museum Estate Number 432-15 (the Number written in pen) Sch no ...).

NOK 60,000–80,000USD 7,000–9,500EUR 6,500–8,900

Auctioned Monday December 12 2016 at 14:00


LITERATURE: Gerd Woll: Edvard Munch – Complete Paintings, London 2009.
Gerd Woll: Edvard Munch – The complete graphic Works, Oslo 2012.

A similar subject appears in a painting (MM M 69, Woll 1297). Munch, like many other Norwegians at that time, was suffering from an attack of the so-called “Spanish flue”, an influenza, which reached epidemic proportions in Europe in 1918-19. The picture was painted during Munch’s convalescence following the illness. Woll 2012, p. 398.

In Gerd Woll’s volume III of IV of Edvard Munch’s paintings, the lithograph is mentioned under 1297: Self-Portrait after The Spanish Flu 1919:

The painting probably belongs with the self-portraits Munch executed in 1919 as he slowly recovered from Spanish influenza (see cat.nos. 1296 and 1295).
Munch also executed a lithograph on the same subject (Woll 630).
Woll 2009, p. 1188.