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Auction Wednesday March 18 2020 at 18:00

Strangersalen, Gamle Logen

Munch, Edvard (1863-1944)
a) Woman's Head and Heart b) Face in Flames c) Face and Flame-alike Hands

Mixed media, multicolored on bluish grey, heavy paper
Sheet: 360x253 mm

E.Munch.no, Munchmuseum's digital catalog of Edvard Munch's Drawings, reg.no. 38452. From 1898-1900.

The first owner of this drawing was the artist’s younger sister, Inger Munch (1868-1952). The terms of Munch’s will specified that, after his death, Inger Munch was permitted to select a certain number of works for herself from the contents of the artist’s studio, before the remainder of the estate was presented to the city of Oslo. Together with several other works on paper by Munch, this drawing was later given as a gift by Inger Munch to a close friend, Berta Folkedal (b. 1889).


Inger Munch, Oslo.
Berta Folkedal, Oslo.
Privat eie, Oslo.

Auctioned Wednesday March 18 2020 at 18:00

NOK 1,000,000–1,200,000 USD 107,400–128,900 EUR 99,500–119,500

Hammer price NOK 850,000