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Przybyszewski, Stanislaw(1868-1927)
Das Werk des Edvard Munch

Book by the Polish author Stanislaw Przybyszewski.
Ed. Stanislaw Przybyszewski. Published by S. Fischer publishing house, Berlin 1894.
95 pages.
In this first comprehensive book about the works by Edvard Munch there are four articles, or contributions (in German ???Beiträge???), by Stanislaw Przybyszewski, who in addition was editor, Doc. Franz Servaes, Willy Pastor and Julius Meier-Graefe. Przybyszewski gives in his contribution for the first time Munch???s theme «Love and Pain» the title «Vampire» (in German ???Vampyr???). Przybyszewski???s article: Pages 8-31.
Restored tear in the sheet of pages 59-60.

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