Auction Saturday December 14 2024 at 15:00

The Annual Edvard Munch Sale 2024

The 25th Annual Edvard Munch Sale
The Annual Edvard Munch Sale in Oslo was established by Grev Wedels Plass Auctions in the year 2000. It is held every year in December, and is the only specialized auction of its kind. The Annual Edvard Munch Sale offers original and graphic works with varying techniques and from different time periods, thereby in several price ranges, from NOK 30,000 (USD 2,700 / EUR 2,500) and up to several million NOK. Close to 700 Munch works have been sold at the Annual Edvard Munch Sale since its first auction in 2000 for a total value of NOK 250 million (USD 22,6 million / EUR 21,2 million).

For the more established collectors
The Annual Edvard Munch Sale attracts the most particular art collectors in the world, and there have been a number of record auction sales in the million-sum class for various of the artist’s most famous motifs. The Annual Edvard Munch Sale has for a long time been an established marketplace for anyone collecting Munch’s art.

For beginners
The Annual Edvard Munch Sale should also be a place for beginning collectors. To disprove the myth that it is unattainable to buy an original or signed graphic work by Edvard Munch, a slogan we like to use is: “everyone can own a Munch”. One should primarily buy a Munch-work based on an interest for the art or artist. However, purchasing a Munch-work is one of the safest art-investments one can make. In the long run, an investment in Munch’s art triumphs compared to alternative investments. Those who began collecting when we began The Annual Edvard Munch Sale in 2000 have seen a significant increase in value of their works.

Appealing to both buyers and sellers
High standards of technical quality, intensive researching, and professional documentation and marketing make The Annual Edvard Munch Sale attractive, and a natural choice for both buyers and sellers.

Although the auction is held just once a year, our experience shows that early consignments give the best results. This gives us the best opportunity to put in the documentation work and marketing the works deserve. This gives our many out-of-town and international clients the chance to see the consigned works if visiting Oslo. It also gives works the opportunity to be included in our semi-annual “Preview”, which is a printed and digital magazine that is distributed to our clients—a valuable marketing platform for our sellers.

The 25th Annual Edvard Munch Sale will have an even greater than usual focus on marketing, including previews in several Norwegian cities, and in Copenhagen and London.

If you are considering selling one or more Munch-works, the 25th Annual Edvard Munch Sale is a good occasion to do so. The sales process begins with valuation and advising. This is free of charge and non-binding.

Free valuation

We are pleased to offer valuation of objects free of charge for the purpose of future sale at Grev Wedels Plass Auksjoner. Valuations can be carried out in several ways, either by bringing the object to the gallery for immediate viewing, or by sending us a photo, either by post or e-mail.

Feel free to contact Hans Richard Elgheim for more information:

Phone +47 : 22 86 21 86
Mob: +47 920 42 306

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