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Buyers will have to register before placing a bid. Registration may take place during the preview, immediately before or during the auction. Registered customers have eight days of credit. If you have not previously placed a bid at GWPA, registration must take place no later than three working days before the auction, and bank reference must be provided.


When registering one receives a numbered paddle that is held up when making a bid. The bidding increments are decided by Grev Wedels Plass Auksjoner, as explained below. The final bidder, who purchases the lot must keep the numbered paddle raised until the auctioneer confirms the number of the buyer. If two final bids are equal, the auctioneer will decide who is the winning bidder. If any doubt is raised about who has the last bid, the auctioneer will decide if bidding should be redone. The bid is binding for the final bidder when an object is hammered.


A buyer can sign up for one or several written bids prior to the auction. CS at GWPA bids on behalf of the buyer and will bid according to normal procedures in the audience during the auction. CS will make every effort to buy the object at the lowest price possible, if necessary, the amount stated in the written bid. The auctioneer will during the auction notify if any written bids are pre-registered for the lot. If there are several written bids on the same lot, bidding will begin above the NEXT highest of these bids. All written bids will be treated with the highest confidentiality, and must be handed to GWPA no later than the day before the auction. For two bids on the same bidding amount, the bid handed in first will have priority.


GWPAs CS is pleased to offer assistance to buyers wishing to bid by telephone. When bidding by telephone, CS will call up the bidder and establish contact in reasonable time prior to the lot going for sale. Registration to bid by telephone must be received in writing by GWPA no later than one day prior to auction.


If reserve price is not reached during the auction, the auctioneer can accept lower bids at the acceptance of the seller. All the same, GWPA reserves the right to sell the object to a bidder raising to reserve price after the auction. Bids with the reservation of the seller’s acceptance are in that respect binding for the buyer, but do not give the bidder any special rights.

Please see Purchase conditions for further information.