Last day of consignments 24. May

We are preparing for this season’s auction Arts on Paper, and looking forward to use our newly developed online auction system for the auction that takes place the second half of May.

Our six-monthly special auction is well organized and high prices are often achieved. This is due to a hand-picked collection, that maintains a high quality. As customary, we are looking for graphics, photos, pastels, watercolors and drawings with an assessment over NOK. 5,000. Complete collections of substantial quality might also be of interest.

Sought-after artists among our buyers are;
Theodor Kittelsen, Harald Sohlberg, Nikolai Astrup, Edvard Munch,
Rolf Nesch, Pablo Picasso, George Braque, Fernand Legér, Henri Matisse,Andy Warhol, Gunnar S. Gundersen, Johs. Rian, Jakob Weidemann, Kai Fjell,
John Savio, Frantz Widerberg, Anna-Eva Bergman,
Inger Sitter, Per Kleiva, Odd Tandberg.

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