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Grev Wedels Moderne og Klassiske, del 2

Auksjon mandag 6. desember 2010 kl 19:00

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Miró, Joan (1893-1983)

Etsning, lysmål
Signert nede t.h.: Miró.

Nummerert nede t.v.: 48/75. Fra 1968. (D.449).

Auksjonert mandag 6. desember 2010 kl 19:00

NOK 20 000–30 000


The measurements of the whole sheet is: 705-708x552-555 mm. Colourchange in the mat opening, it has become a bit darker. Hinged at 2 places in the upper margin. The paper is heavy. The paper is a little worn at 4 places in the right margin, as small spots, the largest one: 5x5 mm. Tiny acid stains in the margins: 3 in the upper, 1 in the left, 1 in the right and 2 in the lower margin. Some fingercreases in the sheet in the left, the right and especially in the lower margin. Watermark in the paper in the right margin at 2 places: "Paris Chiffon", "Paris" is cut horizontally in the middle.

Verso: Annotation in pencil in the lower margin: "Éclats" and "ÉCLATS". 4 small acid stains over the image. 4 small acid stains in the margins. Tape from earlier hinging in the upper margin towards the corners.

The impression is in very good condition.