Rian, Johs.


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Artist TitleSoldEstimateHammer price
Rian, Johs. The Blue MadonnaNovember 22 2018NOK 180,000–200,000NOK 520,000
Rian, Johs. Girl with green applesMay 30 2011NOK 300,000–400,000NOK 500,000
Rian, Johs. Pike ved piano 1949November 21 2016NOK 200,000–300,000NOK 470,000
Rian, Johs. Woman in interior 1931May 31 2018NOK 200,000–300,000NOK 410,000
Rian, Johs. Woman by a tableNovember 29 2010NOK 300,000–400,000NOK 400,000
Rian, Johs. Kortspill 1947June 17 2002NOK 300,000NOK 400,000
Rian, Johs. Kvinneakt 1948June 8 2000NOK 360,000
Rian, Johs. Sittende kvinneNovember 21 2016NOK 200,000–300,000NOK 340,000
Rian, Johs. To kvinner i interiør 1950June 7 2001NOK 150,000–200,000NOK 320,000
Rian, Johs. Woman by a WindowNovember 22 2018NOK 200,000–300,000NOK 310,000

Works by Rian, Johs.